The budget airline has faced a wave of customer anger over the cancellation of 2,100 flights over a six-week period in September and October.

09/21/2017 7:17 pm
The government can take over. Why should private companies make money on our credit reports?

09/21/2017 8:21 am
Under a federal settlement, the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts will refund millions to borrowers and temporarily suspend debt collections.

09/18/2017 10:30 pm
The governor said the Equifax breach was a wake-up call that stronger laws were needed to protect consumers’ personal information.

09/18/2017 8:00 am
Credit bureaus have previously fended off attempts for more oversight, casting rules as onerous and unnecessary red tape.

09/15/2017 8:00 am
Eliminating price controls can increase the available supply of essential goods, the argument goes, and help prevent a black market.

09/12/2017 1:23 am
I don’t doubt the company regrets what happened. But I don’t think it cares that much either.

09/11/2017 8:12 pm
Despite the wealth of sensitive information in their databases, credit bureaus don’t face the same kind of scrutiny and oversight that banks do.

09/08/2017 6:26 pm