Allan Dunlap was among 800,000 Wells Fargo borrowers wrongly charged for auto coverage. The bank admits errors, but he’s had to fight to be made whole.

08/18/2017 10:00 am
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is testing new forms that banks could use to reduce confusion.

08/11/2017 3:06 pm
Regulators said in a court filing that they wanted to push back the full implementation of a rule that would require financial professionals to put their customers first.

08/10/2017 1:58 am
The American Bankers Association takes issue with an editorial.

07/21/2017 7:10 pm
The Republicans’ proposal to overturn Obamacare could allow insurers to sell bare-bones plans that fail to pay for what is now deemed essential medical care.

07/15/2017 6:09 pm
Readers respond to an article on a regulator’s new rule on disputes.

07/13/2017 8:27 pm
The makers of cardiac defibrillators, insulin pumps, breast implants and other devices will be able to delay the reporting of malfunctions under an agreement headed to Congress.

07/12/2017 3:16 am
Randal Quarles will play an important role in the administration’s deregulatory push. But even where consensus exists, change will require support from fellow watchdogs.

07/11/2017 8:18 pm